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Reiner Strasser with Jim Andrews in turbulence - Web.artist Profiles, May 2002. Interview in E-Poets on the State of their Electronic Art, Currents in Electronic Literacy, Issue 5, USA, Fall 2001. About - the Interview, Reiner Strasser with Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink at frAme5 - trAce, GB / in portuguese translated by Regina Célia Pinto at Arte onLINE 2, Brasil.

Some Reviews

Kosovo Conflict Inspires Digital Art Projects by Matthew Mirapaul, New York Times Online - arts@large - 15 April 1999. Hope, l'espoir fait créer by Annick Rivoire, Libération, Paris, France, 18.01.2002. Days without a smile - «the doorman» by Domiziana Giordano & Reiner Strasser, Samuel Herzog at Shrink to Fit. (german: Tag ohne Lächeln) Neural.It, Italy: "the doorman" (07.03.02), "project hope" (10.01.02), "LaCaRa*BoLa, net poetry brasiliana" (28.03.02)., Garrett Lynch about Tao, USA, January 19, 2004. afsnit.p, Karen Wagner about >>oh<< (14.04.2005): about DAWN (01.10.2005), Denmark.

Reiner Strasser at virtual - Internationale Datenbank für Virtuelle Kunst, Prof. Dr. Oliver Grau (head), Berlin, Krems.

Some Texts

Exploring the Field of Net Specific Expression (Language): Extracts/Some Pieces on for COSIGN 2002. Some notes to the aesthetics of hypermedia - Interactivity, Linearity and Structure (revised version of former text) for GA2002. Time and Repetition (for III InterPoesia), 10/2002. NoBoundary - Perspectives on the Net for Web-Doc(k)s, 11/1999. POTEPOETTEXTEIGHTEEN, Reiner Strasser: various texts at POTEPOETZINE/POTEPOETTEXT edited by Peter Ganick, The CybpherAnthology of Discontiguous Literature, burning press, USA, Apr 1999. Common Visions, Zn new media library, published first as In Other Words at Art & Technology, The Mining Company, New York, 1997.