Reiner Strasser
   bibliography (1996-2010)

contribution (photography, photo montage) to the project AlphaAlpha by Regina Pinto (BR).

Alan Sondheim's DAWN, a minimalistic interactive piece composing material (text, photography, sound) by Alan Sondheim (USA).
inter.woven [3*4], an interactive piece about time and space, nature and seasons. Music: Christophe Petchanatz (F).
in the alps, in the alps we go / so miss the snow, contribution to Jason Nelson's "Net Behaviour Online Residency" project.
>>oh<<, an interactive audio-visual poem, Jennifer Hill-Kaucher>Dan Waber>Reiner Strasser.

ii - in  the white darkness, an interactive flash piece about [the fragility of] memory, created in collaboration with M.D.Coverley (USA).
tao, a collaboration with Alan Sondheim (USA).


diatopia@Stemnitsa [r.e.mote] 8.2, an interactive poly-medial and poly-linear piece, created as a remote participant of the diatopia Stemnitsa workshop, Greece.
"12 Artists - 12 Pages" - the transparent book, for the "Wandering Library" (project by Doron Polak, Israel), an 'Artists' Book' event to mark the Venice Biennale 2003.


The ATTIC/Sótão, international net art project, (about  preservation) preserving "old" net art/poetry works, part of "the Museum of the essential and  beyond that", in collaboration with Regina Célia Pinto (Brasil).
the doorman [passing], an interactive 'photo-cinematic' piece, a collaboration with Domiziana Giordano (I).
LaCaRa*BoLa [taste.it.d], a poly-medial and poly-linear interactive-visual-sound-poem for Alexandre Venera's project "acarambola" (Brasil).
LikeNike for Giselle Beiguelman's project "Ceci n'est pas un nike". (Brasil)
REVERSIONEN, a (short) play for speaker, percussion and digital projection.

((( project hope ))), international net art/poetry project, collecting[reflecting]spreading hope, in collaboration with Annie Abrahams (F) and Alan Sondheim (USA).
))) o (((
re wap - a poetic wap simulation, first european wap project.
frgmnt foUr [01 - 3.3], an open-hyper-structured (streaming) composition, growing over (dispersing in) time, realized in collaboration with David Knoebel.
Contribution to the poetry bunker project, Venice Biennale 2001.
re-sea-rations, CD-ROM for E-POETRY 2001, Poetry Center Buffalo, Suny at Buffalo/New York.

(.......) for Irving, a response to (.......) of Irving  Weiss (USA) at the Wr-eye-tings Scratchpad.
Breathe (with David Knoebel) and Desire (with Miekal And and Martha J. Cinader), two collaborations for David's Valentine project, Electronic Poetry Center, Buffalo, New York.
(((la cipolla)))
, a  little hypertext about art and net.work.
, los(t), disparu, verloren, three interactive studies, micro-video-clips fragmentating words. Inter_rupted remix by Takuji KOGO at Laforet Museum, Kokura, Japan.
structur/al walk, an interactive movImage consisting of 9 micro-video-clips.
, a meditation about time and space on the net and elsewhere.
the shrIne
, in collaboration with Annie Abrahams (F,NL) and Alan Sondheim (USA).
, a cumulation of/in time (simultaneously re_combinable layers/events) for Bill's "D2K" project at 'sunbrella' gallery/theater, a collaboration with Octavia Davis and Bill Marsh (USA).

Three more pieces for r.i.c.: Location, Viva Automatica, Le Parapluie.
Weakblood, international net art/poetry project --- artists against war and violence, co-author Valery Grancher (F). (realization of creative work, collaboration and the art(ist)-curating concept)
Start of the c.re.ations and workXspace sites/projects.
war trilogy, three  works for 'weak blood' in collaboration with Predrag Sidjanin (NL,Y).
amour consciente net-art piece and installation for the 'amour et conscience' (love and consciousness) art show curated by Véronik Menanteau (F, Paris, 9/9/1999).
Collaborations with Christy Sheffield  Sanford (USA):
~~Water~~Water~~Water~~ (commissioned  by NOW ninety9 and DA2) and la cravate et le raton laveur.
buona notte, angeli for Christy Sheffield  Sanford's Millenium project at trAce (GB).
Contributions to "net.opera" by Sergio Maltagliati, "Sit.com" by Takuji Kogo (J), "the most boring site" by Mindaugas Gapsevicius (LI), "Wishes, Voeux" by Annie Abrahams (F,NL), POW CAMP SITE (Serbia).


Two pieces for "Words and Works for the Cyber Age": La Pomme and LOSS.
(Interactive) Sketches (with collaborative pieces by PbN), miniatures, moving pictures (movImages), interactive images, exploring interactive elements in net.art/.poetry.
New site: Re: The Virtual Affair aka The Universal Microcosmos of Re:.
The r.i.c. (reflection, imagination, communication) pieces, multiple page works, picture-word-sound-hypertext explorations: Strawberry, Children of the Moon, Featherless Fly, The Piano (Le Piano), The Diver's Grave (collaborating artist: David Knoebel), The Seahorse (belgian reflections).
The Leonardo Generator, Art and Humanity project.
Collaboration with Sabine Mai "under the cherry tree in grandma's garden".
Contributions to "Hypnosis" by William Marsh (USA), "My Garden" by Ted WarnellRush Hour and Circumstances for "The Tinker Net" by Ted Warnell (CA) and David Knoebel (USA).

Member of parallel notion [international collaborative project celebrating technology communication art], with Dino Ignacio (Philippines), Fabio Doctorovich (Argentina), Gary Zebington (Australia), Lars Wikström (Sweden) and Ted Warnell (Canada).
New site: Re: Words and Works for the Cyber Age.
Web.project: The Beehive with collaborative (PbN - Poem by Nari aka Ted Warnell, Elson Froes, Tina LaPorta, GB, Bill Marsh) and interactive parts.
Contributions to the wr-eye-tings scratchpad.


Launch of the art.)watchers, website for art and art education (i.e. featured by ExploraNet, Ten Cool Sites, Museum for Art, Science and  Education, San Francisco).
First net.art experience (animation, word-art).

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