Publications (work samples and reviews) on CD-ROM and book


Net Art Guide, book and cd-rom version (biligual - german/english), Frauenhofer Electronic Business Innovations Center, Stuttgart, Germany, 2000, ISBN 3-8167-5590-9.

Electronic Literature Collection Volume 1 (October 2006) - The Electronic Literature Collection is published simultaneously on the Web and on CD-ROM. Electronic Literature Organization, Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH), University of Maryland, USA, 2006. ISSN: 1932-2011.

Alire 12 - revue de littérature animée et interactive, cd-rom, MOTS-VOIR, Villeneuve, France, 2004.

Tecno-Poesia e realtà virtuali - TECHNO-POETRY AND VIRTUAL REALITIES, book by CATERINA DAVINIO, Language: BILINGUAL ITALIAN / ENGLISH, Publisher: SOMETTI, MANTOVA (I) 2002. Preface: EUGENIO MICCINI, Collection: Archivio della Poesia del 900, Volume: 13-14, Mantova, Italy, 2002, ISBN 88-88091-85-8.

second iteration ::bitstack::, cd-rom, Centre for Electronic Media Art (CEMA), Monash University, Australia, 2001/2002.

infos '00, cd-rom, Ljubljana, Slovenia, November 2000.

Web-Doc(k)s - "un notre web", série 3, book + cd-rom, Akenaton - Doc(k)s, Corse, France, April 2000.

Alire 11 - revue de littérature animée et interactive, cd-rom, MOTS-VOIR, Villeneuve, France, March 2000.

Elektronische literatuur - Anthology, magazine + cd-rom, Dietsche Warande & Belfort, Netherlands, Belgium, August 1999.

Gravitational Intrigue - an anthology of emergent hypermedia, volume 22cd, The Little Magazine, S.U.N.Y., University of Albany, New York, USA 1999.

Contemporary Poetry, Nerys Williams, Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, GB, 2011, ISBN 978-0-7486-3884-0.

New Directions in Digital Poetry, C.T. Funkhouser, Continuum Books, New York, USA, 2012, ISBN 978-1-4411-9567-8.

private edition:

OHAYO, Fotobuch / photography book, Reiner Strasser, Wiesbaden 2017.

Ansichten Sichtweisen, Views and Sights, Fotobuch / photography book, Reiner Strasser, Wiesbaden 2014.

REVERSIONEN, cd-rom, documentation of REVERSIONEN, a (short) play for speaker, percussion and digital projection, performed 16 November 2002 at the art gallery "Burggrafiat Alzey".

project hope, cd-rom, (Dec. 2001 - Jan. 2002), Fall 2002.

re-sea-rations, cd-rom, Reiner Strasser, Spring 2001.

e[y]gg[e], cd-rom + print, Reiner Strasser, September/October 2000.

~~water~~water~~water~~, cd-rom, Reiner Strasser and Christy Sheffield-Sanford, October 1999.

amour consciente, cd-rom and prints, Reiner Strasser, September 1999.

step(s) - webworks 1998, cd-rom, Reiner Strasser, December 1998.